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Membership System

  1. To reset or receive your password for the membership system for the first time go to: https://post42.clients.peoplevine.com/password_forgot.aspx? and enter the email we have on file for you. This will send you a link to set a password for your membership account.
  2. If you plan on visiting the Club Room, download or print your membership card. You will need your card to receive your membership discounts. To get your card just click on “View” under My Memberships. You will see options to email it to yourself or print it. Alternatively, you may always log in to https://post42.clients.peoplevine.com to pull up your membership for scanning when in the Club Room. You will need some form (electronic or paper) of your Post 42 membership card to receive discounts in the Club Room.
How to reset your password or receive your password for the first time.
Membership System Overview

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