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Post Elevator Replacement

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Post Elevator Replacement

Fellow Legionnaires, Sons of the Legion and Boosters

The Post has launched a major project for the good of the Legion. Post 42 has been serving veterans and their families for over 103 years.  Post events are held at the Legion Hall on the second floor of your building located at 1030 Central Street in Evanston….the disabled veterans Thanksgiving dinner, Blue Grass music concerts and the Pancake Breakfast…to name a few.  The elevator has seen its better days and requires a complete replacement to safely get our members and guest into the hall.  Please help us raise funds to complete this important and badly need upgrade so that we can ensure that our veterans, seniors and others can participate in all that the Legion offers. Thanks to the great support from our members, Wes Fisher MD and Chips Covington, we launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the funds to do this badly needed project. So far, the response has been tremendous. We hope to start the project this Spring.

Please take a look at our Go Fund Me Campaign and help if you are able too.

https://gofundme.com/american-legion-hall-post-42-needs-a-new-elevator?pc-em_dn_contacts_r&rcid=r01-167072461626-f44e5d7c78f 811ed&member=23794497

Do you need help? Just let us know.