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Honor Flight


The American Veteran is one of our greatest treasures – the men and women who answered our nation’s call, especially at times of our greatest need.  At Honor Flight Chicago, our mission is to thank and pay tribute to these hero’s – especially our World War II and Korean War veterans – by bringing them to Washington, D.C. for a day of honor and remembrance at no coat to them.

There is ab estimated 53,000 WW II and Korean War veterans living in the Chicagoland area – and we want to reach and honor each and everyone of them. Won’t you join us as we treat these humble, unassuming men and women to a most extraordinary day?


As you reflect on all our WW II and Korean War veterans have done for us, please consider what you can do for them – before they pass into history.

It i easy to complete an application to be included in an upcoming flight.  View the Honor Flight Chicago web site at:



or you can contact Post 42 Service Officer, Jim Farley at (847) 475-9076


Honor Flight Chicago Flight Comments
July 13, 2016



What a day! Fantastic! Those mail call letters were unbelievable…How did you
do that? It boggled my mind. I went through the line at Midway and then we got
to TSA and I thought it was over when the sailor said, “You haven’t seen
anything yet, sir!” And then I heard the bagpipers, saw Governor Rauner, and
the motorcycle guys, and then there were thousands of people thanking me for
my service! I will remember the words, “Thank you and thank you for your
service!” forever…in my dreams! At the end, I was near tears and could not
speak…I was crying tears of joy!
Lee Andreoni, Korean War veteran, age 86



I couldn’t believe how many people were there cheering. This should have
happened 65 years ago. People didn’t even know we were there when we were
there [in Korea]. I was very impressed with the whole day. The best part was
seeing my family there and how excited they were and people cheering and
shouting “welcome home!” and “thank you!” When they started calling names
and handing out envelopes I wondered “What the hell is inside of them?” Then
they called my name and the guy said “ You got the biggest one of them all!” I
got letters from everybody!
Carmen Caputo, Korean War veteran, age 85



I never shook so many hands in my life when we got back. After we landed we
went to the terminal and the people were lined up on both sides for about a
block. There must have been 5000 or so. It was the first time I visited D.C. in 50
years. The memorials were fantastic is all I can say. It was extremely
and things when off like clockwork…a fun time all around.
Fred Day, WWII veteran, age 95



Excellent day. I say one thing, you guys are really organized. It was wonderful.
I have always wanted to see the Iwo Jima memorial for the Marines. And that
crowd at Midway Airport! I could not fathom [it]of
course I didn’t want to miss
shaking anyone’s hands…but you can’t be on both sides at the same time. I am
already recruiting others. I am in the process of putting together a scrapbook of
my day. So much to include. I even met Governor Rauner!
Joe Brochman, Korean War veteran, age 82



All I can tell you is that I have never been treated so nicely in my whole life.
What you folks have done…well there are just no words to express it. I was so
touched by the way people came out when we arrivedeven
the little babies and
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts…You know, I have been to D.C. before but never
have I had a police escort! What a thrill! The trip was incomprehensible.
Amazing! Wonderful! Thank you.
Harry Freudenheim, WWII veteran, age 88



I’ve been reading the stack of letters I got…I get a little emotional reading them..
It was 63 years ago and it brings back stuff you had forgotten about. When we
came back I didn’t expect that many people at the airport. When I first came
home, we got off the boat and you got on a train. That was it back in ‘53…This
was tremendous.
Donald Forrest, Korean War veteran, age 83



I think it was the best day of my life! I admire the way you people handle this
thing. It is so smooth and it is beautiful. I don’t know how I can thank all of you.
The Welcome Home was terrificit
brought tears to my eyes. The people who
came out, the children, and little kids saluting you. There is no way you could
explain it! You have to be there to experience it. I had an amazing day but we
must never forget the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.
Thank you for inviting me to be honored.
Steve Pizzello, WWII veteran, age 92



I certainly will remember this trip the rest of my life! My day was fantastic. It
exceeded my expectations by three fold, at least! The highlight of my trip was
when we got back to Chicago Airport. It blew my mind. The firemen, the
motorcycle group, the bagpipers, heck, even the Governor of Illinois was there
and I shook hands with him! You know I had heard about the Midway Airport
celebration but it still blew my mind!
Bob Sinclair, Korean War veteran, age 88



Let me tell you, it was way more than expected! It started with Wayne Messmer
singing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Then those girls, the Sisters (The Legacy
Girls), singing the tunes of my era. They were great! And the Marines throwing
rifles…and the ceremony at the WWII Memorial for all of us. You know the funny
thing is I almost canceled the whole trip. I had waited 2.5 years for this day and
you know when you get my age, you get a little goofy. I am sure glad I went. I
would give Wednesday a 10/10. Fabulous! Thank you!
Richard Krska, Korean War veteran, age 81

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