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Pasta Dinner

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We just completed our 7th Annual Pasta Dinner in Support of the Lovell Legends Saturday, 12 May 2018.  The Lovell Legends are a local group of disabled veterans who will be competing with other disabled veterans from around the country in multiple sporting events. This year, the team will consist of  women and  men disabled veterans and 2 coaches. The event will be held in Orlando, FL, 30 July to 4 Aug 2018. The costs for these athletes are almost entirely paid for by donations. The meals for the veterans are paid for by corporate sponsors on competition days, but all other expenses are paid for with local donations.   We would like to thank some of sponsors for the generous donations: Canal Shores Golf Course, Graziano’s Brick Over Pizza, Starbucks Coffee, Union League Club, Marriott Lincolnshire, The Spice House, Chicago Blue Grass, The New 400 Theater, Howard Street Inn, Bennison’s Bakery, and a special thanks to Lt Col (ret) Danny Bogojevich who collected donations in the amount of $1500! Through their support, we once again had a successful event and will be donating over $6,000 to the Lovell Legends!! We will nit be having a pasta dinner this year as we celebrate our 100 yr anniversary for the American Legion and our very own Post 42!!  Please continue to check back to see any updates as we post them.

A listing of this year’s raffle prizes winners are listed below

2018 “Lovell Legends” Fundraiser Raffle Items

as of 12 May 2018

In Numerical Order

  1. Canal Shores, Individual Season Pass for 2018                                         Susan Blaul
  2. Kaufman’s Delicatessen, Two $35.00 gift cards                                        Mike Wojciechowski
  3. 3 hour, river boat trip for 20 people to view fireworks                             Tracy Fuchs
  4. Cherrywood 20ct cigar humidor w/16 cigars, lighter & cutter                Dorval Reed
  5. Maria’s Mexican Restaurant, Two $50.00 gift cards                                 Jim Farley/Chris Chevlin
  6. Peru Unlimited, Baby Alpaca Sweater, your choice                                    Pat Pint
  7. The New 400 Theatre, 12 complimentary passes                                        Chuck Carrin
  8. Union League Club, 1 night lodging w/ 2 breakfasts                                  Jim Hart
  9. Handmade, one of a kind, Finished Afghan, 70” X 90”                             Betsy Uzzell
  10. Chicago Bluegrass, two 2018-19 concert passes.                                         Julie Lalowski
  11. Air & Water show, 5 hour boat trip for 20 people                                       Chuck Carrington
  12. Cubs vs, SF Giants, 5/25/18, 2 terrace box corner tickets                         Cheryl Kacynski
  13. Spice House, 4 bottle box, Ethnic Chicago Seasonings                              Mary Leitchal
  14. Smokers Delight, 50 ct humidor w/ 11 cigars & cutter                               Raymond Siwek
  15. Marriott Lincolnshire Lodging, Theatre, Dinner & Breakfast for 2         Victor Batiano
  16. Framed 8” X 10” Autographed “Bobby Hull” Photograph.                        Victor Batiano
  17. Golf Foursome at Lake Bluff Golf Club with to carts.                                 Adam Kwieciwski
  18. Jelly Belly Gift Basket                                                                                        Paul Wydra
  19. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Wireless Ear Phones                      David McKirman
  20. Free Vehicle Tow within a 25 mile radius of Evanston                               Neil Franke
  21. Autographed Photograph of Chicago Bull Jerian Grant                             Ed Hildebrandt
  22. Budweiser Collapsible Wagon                                                                          Heidi Duggan
  23. Weber Q 1200 LP Gas Grill                                                                               Mike Wojciechowski


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